Latest painting with a Monet/Sargent twist

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Stankard 9 10 615_01-final-blog.jpgImage © Kay Brown

Keep up with the Buzz!

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It's easy to keep up with all the buzz going on at Paintings by Stacey, just follow us on Google Buzz!


January's 2 for 1 sale!

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Don’t miss out on this sale!

Testing Blog and Twitter Linking

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Just testing to see if my blog and my Twitter account link up. It did on my personal account, so I’m testing this one too. It’s too cool! When I post to my blog, it updates on my Twitter page as well.

Canvas Painting update

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Got the canvas finished, for now, until the paint cures and I find anything I missed. 
Have not had a chance to work on the digital painting that I really needed to work on this weekend.  Maybe I’ll have a little time after dinner and before True Blood comes on.  Here’s hoping.

Testing Desktop Blog Application

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This post is Testing Desktop Blog Application

Trying an application called Post2Blog - a desktop blogging client for Windows from Bytescout.

More great paintings!

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This next image is by the wonderful Belinda Higgins! What an honor to be able to paint for her. This final image is actually 2 images merged. The mom of the little girl liked the background, but wanted a different pose, so Belinda sent me both and I worked my magic. I plan to paint the original of the other pose just because I think it's so perfect!  :)


These next 2 images are by the amazing Elizabeth Smith! Most may know her as Libbie Wicket these days, that's her studio name now.  :) Love her work!


smith_01-final2.jpgThis last image is by Treasured Images Photography. Beautiful classic pose and feel. Love it!


Recent Paintings

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Catching up on posting some of my most recent paintings, or, most recent since I last blogged a painting back in February.  Sorry about that, I'm trying to be better about blogging now.  :)
So here are 8 paintings that I've done since Feb.  I'm going to break them up into 4 per post so that they're not overwhelming.  :) These first 4 are from a wonderful photographer named Kay Brown! She sends me some amazing images to work with.  :)



Today's Activities

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I'm working on a canvas today, embellishing with gel mediums and paints. The varnish is drying as we speak so I can get started. After that, I'll be working on some touch-up's on another painting for a client. May take a while on that one, I'm detailing a background that was photographed out of focus.  Hmmm.

I'll post pics of the canvas when I'm finished with it and it has had time to dry.  :)


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